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Third Step of Reformation.

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Third Step of Reformation. Empty Third Step of Reformation.

Post  BaberKhanShahbazgarhiwal Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:33 pm

Assalam o 'Alaikum!
Peace Upon You All!
Muslims are Ordered to Spread the Name of Islam all over the World. To Spread Islam, the Companions (May Allah Be Pleased With Them) spread through out the world. They talked with every Human that they could possibly meet. They made them realize the Truth of Islam by telling them about Allah and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Quran. They told them to not commit sins and do good deeds.(Read Surah Al'hasr). That the only way to recieve His Blessings and prevent His Angriness is to Obey Allah and Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
This spreading of Islam is so-called Dawah (Dawat-e-Islam or Tableegh).
Now, it is our duty to spread Islam through-out the world. Make those people aware of Islam who are not aware. To be special, RTW {Reform The World} Team also has the same Objective.
Since RTW Team has the same Objective to Spread Islam through-out the world. Thus, RTW Team should learn how to spread Islam. Many knows how to do just by their Knowledge of Islam but some can't do that. So for All members, I especially chose a Website where they can at-least learn a little about Spread of Islam or Dawat-e-Islam, normally should be called Dawah.
DawahIsEasy.Com has some Video{s} showing some street live Dawah. How Christian or Atheists accepts Islam by the Help of Dawah. So I, Baber Khan suggest this website to All of Members.
Visit ' '.

Assalam o 'Alaikum!

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Third Step of Reformation. Empty Re: Third Step of Reformation.

Post  Alonsow Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:20 pm

Nice idea, i will take it in consideration after Ramadan since people get very less time due to taraweeh prayers these days

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