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Lack of proper guidance

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Lack of proper guidance Empty Lack of proper guidance

Post  Admin Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:35 pm

Aslam Alaikum bros and sises, I have received complaints from junior members that their responsible senior members aren't guiding them in a proper way.So it is an advice to senior members that they should improve their way of telling or explaining something so that it would be easy for junior members to understand anything.You can use forums to explain them anything as every step that this team is taking has already written in forum. So you can explain them about the first step of reformation by just copying the required topic from forum if you can't tell or explain them in your own words. But if you can explain them in a very good manner and with details so that everything would be cleared to them then you should do it and no one is stopping you from doing that.To explain anything related to Islam to someone, you should use verses from Holy Quran but since we have posted some important verses in forum so you can copy verses from there. It is obvious now that you can take a lot of help to explain anything to someone by forum. So make it useful and get as much help as you want from it.

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